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  • could you help in instruction in plating my x squared in 24k real gold
    I'm eying donor lenses and I'm trying to estimate total costs of the whole idea and I would be very grateful if you could send some info. Also people over here praise your work so it's a natural choice to reach to you. Forum says that you're a busy man so I'll be waiting patiently. Hope to hear from you.
    regards Maciej
    P.S sorry for dividing this post but there was no other way
    my frames and generate costs (that's why Chris couldn't help me) also RJ 1st are my brother's glasses and lenses would be a gift so obviously I couldn't send frame even if I wanted to. Aside from that I would like to know what's the price of your labor + shipping to Poland? (Your site's cut costing is still under construction).
    I've been looking for lens cutters on forum. I believe that xmcoptics is your business. For now I've contacted Chris A Hardaway but he couldn't help me. Thing is that I'm looking to customize lens for racing jacket 1st and 2nd gen. Cost of lenses + labor + shipping are killing me and I was wondering if you maybe have RJs 1st or 2nd gen so I wouldn't have to send
    Hi, I am new to the forum. Is there any option here to private message you? I would like to enquire more about Custom cutting Prizm Daily Polarized lens for X Metal XX. Hope to hear from you soon.
    I just picked up the orange and blasted MM and was looking to have all the bolts anodized orange I was told your the man please let me know ASAP
    Hello, I am trying to restore a pair of leather Mars. Original lenses are scratched and need to be replaced. Can you help me out with a new pair of custom cuts? Thank you, Aaron.
    I'm i need of Fire Polarized Lenses for xx still cutting? Thx
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