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  • Hello, new to the site and new to forums… Just recently got into X-Metals. Had some custom work done on Juliets & Pennys. I heard you have expert skill sin cutting Oakley lenses to fit Penny & or Juliet. I am interested in two pair of custom cut less for Penny, one pair of Juliet and if possible a pair of quarter jackets. Let me know the best way to contact regarding specifics if interested. Thanks
    hello infinity hero. Just wondering if you could cut a pair of 00 red iridium for a pair of juliets. If so please PM or email @ a price. I am in the UK too so hopefully not a problem. Many Thanks.
    Hi, the polarized coating on my Juliets is peeling off and I am looking for some replacement lenses. Oakley seems to be limited in what they have left and I wanted to see what your custom cut lenses run. Thanks!
    Hi, understand that you're the man best at custom lenses. I would like a custom polarized black iridium for my X metal XX . Could you pm me the price? and maybe polarized jade iridium too? Thanks. - newbie from Singapore
    I'm interested in getting positive red iridium lenses cut to fit on my Juliets, how much would that cost?
    Hi could you pm me with a price for lenses to go in an R1? Thanks
    Hi, im interested in some replacement lenses for my over the tops and was pointed in your direction, any way you can help me out? Thanks, Dave
    Hi, I'm interested in Oakley Splice & Oakley Romeo 1 custom lenses. Can you please pm when you can. I'm currently residing at Saudi Arabia. Thanks
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