1. U

    Found Minute Machine Solid silver

    Sorry, not for sale.
  2. U

    Found Minute Machine Solid silver

    They did make an all silver dial with Ti band. I have one in the box.
  3. Oakley-olic

    Top 5 Oakley Watch list, your favorites

    Top 5 in my collection would be: 1. FMJ 2. Minute Machine polished blue, polished red, either of the diamond or all black face. 3. TB2 Red or Livestrong 4. Hollow Point black or red 5. Kill Switch polished Ti with diamond bezel Looks like thats 11 favorites, difficult to narrow down to 5. Ps add...
  4. U

    Found 24k XX lenses

    PM me, I have several,
  5. U

    Buying Tron, Indy 500, Ducati Pit Boss

    I can do one NIB for 1100 plus shipping, includes the Tron backpack.
  6. Oakley-olic

    Finally C-six Baby!

    Happy you like them and my pro packing skills. Now maybe they will see some daylight. Bustem out and wear them.
  7. U

    For Sale AP (Dexter) Laptop Bag

    Looks silver to me, I thought about it but read its black. Lighting off?
  8. Oakley-olic

    SoCal Peeps!

    I guess there are 2 of us.
  9. Oakley-olic

    Whats the fastest you have ever been in vehicle or motorcycle?

    My land and water speed records: 175 on motorcycle, Yamaha R1. For car 140 in a Datsun pick up with stroked 327. 110 for boat, blown alcohol hydro.
  10. U

    Buying Aluminum or Carbon c-six prototype a plus

    Got a new pair in box, all the extras. Just not sure I am ready to part with them.
  11. Oakley-olic

    Pitchman Carbon

    They are just hard plastic. For me they are comfortable, been wearing for almost 2 years.
  12. U

    Buying Watches & Glasses

    The FMJ is possible depending on the thickness of your Benjamin packed wallet.
  13. U

    Buying XS Fire or Ruby Polarized

    I have fire and ruby, not polarized. I will do some more looking to see if i have polarized.
  14. U

    Buying Xsquared Black iridium lenses

    I am sure I have a boxed set but cant get them until I return home next Monday.