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  • i want to report a user. name is Oakininam and in other life he is Mikhail Colina. He accepted deal and took money, then cancelled and blocked me. this is the abuse by all means.
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    @OakleyBoss since when did i become a scammer here on OF? That guy @pdstrn95 posted my real name and said that i'm a scammer. Pls delete that comment. I refunded that joker because he is too sketchy but i never ran away with his money. People can vouch for me here
    Vouch for @Oakininam as one of the most straight up kind and honest members on the forum... My guess is a solid address could not be provided or something along those lines and he refunded the guy. Oakininam showed me how some sketchy members use forwarding services that are as bad as sending to Brazil if you ship something to the address. Good chance the seller gets scammed.
    Hi OakleyBoss, can you tell me when my next payment is due for OF? I'm looking at getting Lifetime membership on my next payment.
    Hello, I paid $35 for the year but when I log in it still says to upgrade to that and every time I go to look at anything it's saying that I need to upgrade??? Could you please help me? Maybe I'm just doing something wrong... LOL
    Hi my name is Stephan,
    I am new here but a longtime Oakley Fan.
    My frst purchase in 1990 was a Frogskin (cleare Frame and blue Glasses)
    Now I found a O3 Titanium in mint condition but without any Lenses.
    My Shop is having issues fitting new lenses into them.
    Maybe one of you had a similar issue and has some advice.

    Stephan the German.
    Good morning, please can you help me find a pair of these:
    Oakley SI Gascan S Matte Black Grey Polairized Iridium 11-006 small
    Can you please delete my account, I do not use it and do not want any future emails. Thank you :)
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