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    My Racing Jacket/Water Jacket collection

    Nice collection! Always loved the original RJs! Too bad they never released the switchlock version of this RJ.
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    Cabinet info please

    Good find! One of the very very few out there. Here’s another:
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    Belt bag ID

    The “warning “looking like “WARXIXG”
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    O shoes

    This is legit and made in USA
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    What are these enamel standard issue things?

    This sticker came in 3 different sizes that I know of. The smallest size came with the shoe. The other two bigger ones...idk.
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    Can you please ID this Oakley Bag?

    This duffel came in 3 versions: small, large and expandable.
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    Stretchline Cube

    If the holes bother you and you really want that missing front stretchline outer plate, Anton has one on eBay at the moment. It’s partially damaged but I think you can make it work.
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    Sunglases display in the Bay Area

    Looks beautiful in your luxury cabin! I hope the seller gave you a deal as he did for me years ago for my 4.0 single. I wonder if you can have dust shield fabricated to cover the front.
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    Cases/Towers for Sale in the US

    A Side by side comparison between a triple vs a double. Picture is from the old days.
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    Cases/Towers for Sale in the US

    Pretty good deal of you can get the seller to include the lens display, mirror and the aluminum poster frame on top.
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    oakley goggle ballistic case

    There’s one on eBay right now. BIN for $39
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    oakley goggle ballistic case

    Wisdom ballistic case. Long discontinued item.
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    Looking to buy a rare bag. The Tool pouch

    Rare indeed! The Tool Series came out on 2008 was was replaced in 2011 by the Circuit Series hydration pack: Short Circuit 8L Mid Circuit 13L Full Circuit 29L Reconsider with the Circuit series because it has better padding with “red code”. I personally love my Mid Circuit because it holds a...
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    Buying Looking for this Oakley Jacket

    Not really. It’s been the same goggles, monochrome, stealth and Kevlar displays sitting idle for years now. Only “movement” is when the lights turn on and off.
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    Buying Looking for this Oakley Jacket

    Glad the reverse image search worked. Good luck finding one. This is one of my favorite jackets with the metal square O in front and the metal Oakley insignia at the back.