1. reggavegga

    Local Pickup Needed

    Ebay 100 to 150 bucks wow....
  2. U

    For Sale Spring MEGA Sale

    Just saw the one I was interested in was sold..
  3. U

    For Sale Spring MEGA Sale

    Post still active?
  4. reggavegga

    Fake Apparition?

    No just pictures from seller...
  5. reggavegga

    Fake Apparition?

    picture off inside arm on one of them..
  6. reggavegga

    Fake Apparition?

    Has anyone seen any fake APPARITIONS? these look off to me it is the O that looks weird...
  7. U

    For Sale Lenses For Sale Updated Weekly!!!

    I bought a set and I am very happy thanks..
  8. reggavegga

    The Madness has reached the next level.

    TWSS had to get that in before Q.
  9. U

    Trading COMPLETE LNIB PB1 for a CRATER

    It is very very tempting . I need the matte one to finish my Pit Boss collection except for the Indy 500 one that is impossible to get. I only have the one example of a crater and need to keep it.
  10. reggavegga

    The Madness has reached the next level.

    Take those Touareg emblems off and slap some Porsche ones on there.
  11. reggavegga

    The Madness has reached the next level.

    I did that with a spine case with an RX case on top of it..I forgot what SUV I had because I rented it for a drive home for something for work. Work paid for the rental. I had to leave the rear hatch door open for the 120 mile drive back.
  12. reggavegga

    Prime time to sell?

    I could probably triple my investment in my Jordan leather and crater but sometimes it’s not about the money ..
  13. reggavegga

    🦘Christmas Ornaments Owner's List

    Here’s mine kinda low number on the one..
  14. reggavegga

    Memorial Day gift?

    Just spend the 160 on anything...
  15. reggavegga

    2016 Gold Carabiner Owners List....

    Not sure how to edit it to add you..