1. Teetogreen


    Welcome to the O-Train
  2. Teetogreen

    Hello Fellow Oakley Lovers!

    Welcome aboard
  3. Teetogreen

    Review: Oakley Radar EV Advancer

    Ordered a pair over the weekend-same pair as the review
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    Y’all come back
  5. Teetogreen

    How does one determine the need for standard vs XL?

    I have both and A large melon 73/8-I prefer the xl
  6. Teetogreen

    Bit of polishing

    Nice shine. Only if you don’t have an f. Fits the f perfectly and the pocket
  7. Teetogreen

    Oakley lover

    Welcome to the O-Train
  8. U

    Sold Radar Aluminum

    Any trades-
  9. U

    Sold Radar Aluminum

    How about only the frame
  10. Teetogreen

    Oakley Nanowire 2.0

    See rules for exchange
  11. Teetogreen

    Oakley Nanowire 2.0

    Still have mine-to small for my head-never worn just tried them on-willing to part with them
  12. Teetogreen

    Hello All!