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A Heartfelt Thank you (Merry Christmas) !!!!

First off I apologize if this is in the wrong place but I didn't feel off topic or Misc. covered it and I want as many people in this community to see this as possible. Thanks.

As many here know, on Sept. 24th of this year my family home suffered a catastrophic fire and the home along with most of my families possessions were lost. It has been a process since, battling with Insurance Co. working with an adjuster and just continuing with our day to day lives. Shortly after the fire I turned to this community to vent a little and to share my Oakley loss, as really no one else, in my day to day life is a collector or O enthusiast like me. It was not my intention to solicit donations or to garner sympathy, I just wished to mourn a little and talk to some people, who I knew would understand. Shortly after starting a thread and speaking with members of this amazing community, I started to get offers and donations to restart my collection. I was immediately humbled and tried to turn down the offers. It became apparent, very quickly, the members making the offers were not going to take no for an answer and I even got some things sent from members who did not even contact me, in advance. I am typing this extremely heartfelt message to express my gratitude to those who have reached out to help me and to keep my passion for Oakley and this community burning.

Yesterday was Christmas and I was able to have one of the greatest Christmas' I have had since being a little child who still believed in Santa Clause. On 12/21 I received a box filled with 16 individually wrapped packages. The box was sent by @Cutch22 and he, along with several members of this forum put together the most wonderful Christmas present for me. My wife made me wait until Christmas to open the gifts, as she knew it would make my Christmas truly special. Well yesterday, after my kids opened their gifts and my wife and I opened our gifts from each other and the kids, my family all sat and watched me open the 16 packages sent to me. I was absolutely like a kid again as I tore into the packages and opened the micro- fiber bags to reveal the what glasses I had gotten. My wife cried several times, as she was touched by the sentiment but also because of the pure joy she could see I was experiencing. In all, I received 12 pairs of glasses, to include my first ever Romeo and an amazing Juliet that was customized by @Cutch22 (Tuxedo Ti02 Polished orbitals W/ Black flex coupler and ear stems. Simply beautiful. I also received several custom painted O-matter frames, that are truly works of art. I will post pictures to this thread in the near future, to show everybody. I also received 7 various cases and soft vaults, a ballistic case, a beanie cap, a baseball cap, 3 custom made stands, some lenses and a dog tag bottle opener. I was so blown away, I cannot even begin to describe how thankful and truly appreciative I am. Previous to yesterday I really didn't even have any custom frames let alone, a custom Juliet.

Recently, we have gotten good news from our insurance co. and in January we will begin the process of starting over and hopefully by late spring or summer we will be in our new home. I will be looking for a display case when we start furniture shopping as I need to display these pieces, for everyone that comes to my home to see. My wife and I will proudly tell everyone of the kindness we received and make sure they all see my amazing collection. Going forward I will make sure that I pay this forward each and every chance I get. If anyone on this forum ever needs anything please reach out to me and I will do anything I can. I will also participate in charitable drawings, events, donations etc. when they spring up here, as they often do. I will also be planning something for next Christmas, to pay it forward.

All of that being said, the following is a list of people that need to be thanked and acknowledged for their kindness to me and my family. I will apologize in advance if anyone has been left out. Thanks again so much to @Cutch22 for coordinating and putting my Christmas present together. I am cutting and pasting a list provided to me by Cutch22.

1. Our fine artists on the forum. Their craftsmanship and willingness to help is nothing more than spectacular.

a. @Bonz-1 – did the juliets for me
b. @Rick58 – did 3 pairs
c. @wavecloud – did the radars
d. @Zax – did the SJs and Monster dogs
e. @zwc0442
f. @SoulFulFrog – Is working on a pair of scars for you
g. @SiRacer420 – Did the display stands
h. @chrishardaway – Cut many of the lenses on your pairs

2. The many, many, many fine members here that either donated items, sold me items at a discount or bought items to keep the Christmas gifts flowing. Before I give my list please accept my apology if I have left anyone out. It is certainly not my intentions whatsoever.

a. @Bonz-1
b. @Rick58
c. @Zax
d. @Wicked
e. @Lars
f. @Papasmurf
g. @”trump”
i. @daveracity
k. @SpliceD

3. A very special thanks to Kevin's Daughter, who individually wrapped all of the gifts (she will never know just how special that made my Christmas)

Lastly, I would also like to thank


For previously sending me some things. Again, I hope I did not leave anyone out. If I did, I sincerely apologize. I am forever grateful to the members of this community. I will always be a member and will continue to keep my collection growing because of the generosity I have been shown.

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to you all.

Peace & Love

You are certainly welcome. However, I can not stress enough it was the others on the list that made this so special. Their generosity is truly amazing. I can not thank them enough
What a kind thank you! I didn't do much. I did hear rumors about your situation, I'm blown away you are still having to go through it. I've never experienced that type of loss, Possessions aren't always "simply material".

@Cutch22 thank you for sending Chris the final assembly .Your family is so sweet. They must have learned those traits somewhere. I love when someone asks how you are doing, and you can say "better than I deserve". I guess what I'm saying is you are a very humble person, but you have also been blessed.

Great job to all those on the forum who give and treat others like brothers!