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Another XS found.


Oakley Beginner
Well. About a week before the wife and I left for our tenth anniversary trip I started hunting and ended up finding these on our route. No box/coin/paper work so I ll be hunting for those next (hint hint) but still has sticker on lenses and factory tight. 2nd pair of XS.
Love these frames as they fill in my eye cavity so much better than the rest. I ll post some more pics when we return home in better lighting but this is just a teaser for now since I m so excited to have another pair.
Since I did get these stay tuned. Will be getting rid of a plasma Juliet and polished half x soon. Gotta have some more cash in hand or possibly trade for another XS 😂



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Oakley Beginner
Hey all. Just got back from our trip and figured I d put a few more pics up here. Left is the XS 09, and 06. Right is a plasma Juliet and a polished half x.
So far that’s my x metals I got. Thinking of putting the Juliet and half on the exchange for sale or possibly trade for another XS. I ve become addicted to the XS. 😂

Like to give a big thanks to everyone for the inspiration with their collection. One day I’d love to have all the XS with a few customs tossed in 😂





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