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My Collection.

For the rest of the photos, check here.

Some of my O-Matter and all my wires are for sale, so if you see something that interests you, make me an offer!!

  1. Gascan Matte Black/Grey Other Red Bull icons - @Plum21 has first dibs
  2. Gascan Swarovski Crystal
  3. Gascan Tintin/Polished Rootbeer/HDO-3D Other Dr Chop Special sprayed gold with 24k lenses
  4. Gascan Tintin/Polished Rootbeer/HDO-3D Frogskins Tintin LE
  5. Holbrook FMJ Gold/24K Gold Iridium Polarized Other Shaun White Goldbrooks (@the_owl dibs)
  6. Jawbone BMX Chrome/Jade Iridium / +Red / Violet Iridium Other 24-218 - 3 pairs earsocks and lenses (@the_owl dibs)
  7. Jupiter LX - Rizal Suzuki Troy Lee Design
  8. Mag Switch Dark Carbide/Black Iridium Magnesium (@the_owl dibs)
  9. Mag Switch Pearl/Fire Iridium Magnesium
  10. Mag Switch Ti Copper/Ice Iridium
  11. Monster Dog Polished Black/Black Iridium Other Ducati Limited Edition
  12. Monster Dog Whiskey/Bronze Other clear frame with fire iridium aftermarket lenses
  13. Monster Dog Whiskey/Bronze Frogskins Clear frame with VR50 OEM lenses
  14. Moon Tortoise/Gold Iridium
  15. Pit Boss Ducati Polished Red/VR28 Black Iridium Polarized Other ducati limited edition
  16. Pit Bull (Asian Fit) Matte Black/Warm Grey Other
  17. Plate Dark Silver/Black Iridium Other
  18. Pro Racing Jacket FMJ Dark Chrome/G30 Persimmon Other
  19. Racing Jacket (Gen 1) Jet Black w/Black/Persimmon Other
  20. Radar EV Path Dark Charcoal Flake/Chrome Iridium Mash Limited Edition (1 of 90)
  21. Radar Path Anti-Freeze/Jade Iridium Other Anti-freeze
  22. Radar Path Anti-Freeze/Jade Iridium Other antifreeze with clear lens/emerald
  23. Radar Path Retina Burn/Fire Iridium Other Retina Burn
  24. Radar Path Retina Burn/Fire Iridium Other retina burn with photochromic
  25. Radar Path (Asian Fit) Blue Camo/Slate Iridium Other Ichiro Limited Edition
  26. Romeo X-Metal/Black Iridium X-Metal 9428 Jordan Romeos
  27. Split Thump Purple and White Camo/Grey Electronic Jamiroquai limited 500 pieces only
  28. Zero 0.3p Brush/Black Iridium Zero
AntixPolished Black - Australian Icon/GreyFrogskinsdibs @Oakley Sydney
BadmanDark Carbon/Black Iridium PolarizedX-Metal
BreadboxRust Decay/Fire Iridium PolarizedFrogskinsRust Decay Limited Edition 1000 pieces
C SixAluminum/Grey PolarizedOther594/1500 Limited edition
Carbon BladeFerrari Polished Red/Ruby Iridium PolarizedOtherFerrari Ltd edition
Carbon PrimeMatte Black-Carbon Fiber/Prizm Ruby Iridium PolarizedIconic
Carbon PrimeMatte Black/Prizm Black Iridium PolarizedIconicMoto GP 100 only
Collectors FrogskinsBlends/24kLifestyleBlends custom
Collectors FrogskinsBlue Chrome - Palm Trees/Blue IridiumOtherJulian David chrome LE
Collectors FrogskinsBrown Tortoise/Dark BronzeOtherEric Koston
Collectors FrogskinsCarbon/Violet IridiumFrogskinsInfinite Hero
Collectors FrogskinsGloss Charcoal Flake/Chrome IridiumLifestyleMash L.E. 90 pieces
Collectors FrogskinsGreen Fade/Prizm Daily PolarizedOtherRio Olympics Green Fade LE
Collectors FrogskinsGrenade Fade/Black IridiumFrogskinsGrenade Limited Edition
Collectors FrogskinsMatte Charcoal/24K Gold IridiumLifestyleMash LE 85 only
Collectors FrogskinsMatte Clear/Black/Violet IridiumFrogskins30th Anniversary Limited Edition
Collectors FrogskinsMatte Dark Olive/Gold IridiumFrogskinsGrenade limited edition
Collectors FrogskinsMatte Tortoise - Palm Trees/Emerald IridiumLifestyleColette - Julian David
Collectors FrogskinsPolished Clear/Violet IridiumFrogskins
Collectors Frogskins (Asian Fit)Green Fade/Prizm Daily PolarizedLifestyleRio Olympic LE
DartboardWhite Camo/Titanium ClearJackets
EVZero PathGreen Fade w/ Chrome Iridium/Prizm FieldZeroRio Olympics Green Fade LE
EVZero RangeGreen Fade w/ Chrome Iridium/Prizm FieldZeroRio Olympics Green Fade LE
Eyeshade, CollectorsFog/GreyOther
Fast Jacket XLChrome FMJ/Blue Iridium / Jade IridiumOtherG30 lenses Not produced - limited edition
FatcatBlue Camo/GreyLifestyleBlue Camo
Fives SquaredMatte Black/Black Iridium PolarizedFrogskinsDucati Limited Edition
Flak 2.0 (Asian Fit)Green Fade/Prizm FieldOtherRio Olympics Green Fade LE
Flak Jacket XLJWoodland Camo/Warm GreyOtherKing's Camp
FourBlack/GreyOtherBlade II Limited Edition
Fuel CellCerakote Desert Sage/Tungsten Iridium PolarizedOtherS.I.
Fuel CellFerrari Matte Black/Ruby IridiumOtherFerrari limited edition
Fuel CellMatte Black/Grey PolarizedOtherDucati limited edition
Fuel CellRust Decay/Fire Iridium PolarizedFrogskinsRust decay limited edition 1000 pieces
Fuel CellUltrablend Black/Black Iridium PolarizedOtherS.I.
Garage RockMatte Anti-Freeze/GreyOtherWally Lopez
Garage RockNeon Yellow/Ice IridiumOtherFathom L.E.
Garage RockPolished Black/Grey PolarizedLifestyleFerrari LE
Garage RockPolished Black/Grey PolarizedOtherDucati L.E.
GascanBlue w/Pad Print/GreyOtherDavid Flores Blue
GascanC100/Dark GreyFrogskinsC100 Limited Edition
GascanDark Grey/GreyOtherSete 15 Ducati without lenses
GascanDark Grey/no lensesActiveDucati badge on inside dibs @Plum21
GascanDesolve Bare Camo/Black IridiumOtherDesolve SI
GascanMatte Black/Black IridiumOtherDucati limited edition without lenses
GascanMatte Black/GreyOtherFlying Tigers
GascanMatte Black/GreyOtherRed Bull icons (dibs @Plum21)
GascanPolished Black/GreyActiveVW limited edition
GascanPolished Black/HDO-3DOtherTron L.E.
GascanThe Hobbit/Polished Black/HDO-3DOtherHobbit LE
GascanThe Hobbit/Polished Black/HDO-3DOtherHobbit LE
GascanTintin/Polished Rootbeer/HDO-3DOtherDr Chop Special sprayed gold with 24k lenses
GascanTintin/Polished Rootbeer/HDO-3DFrogskinsTintin LE
GascanTransformers 3X/HDO-3DOtherTransformers LE
Half JacketDark Grey/clearSport
Hatchet WireCarbon/Black IridiumIconicDucati
HijinxBrown Smoke/Dark BronzeFrogskinsRobert Pimple Artist limited edition
HijinxPolished Black/Black IridiumOtherWho is this Kid Limited Edition
HijinxPolished Black/Black Iridium PolarizedFrogskinsStussy Buffalo Soldier 100 pairs only
HolbrookBlends/24kLifestyleBlends Custom
HolbrookFMJ Gold/24K Gold Iridium PolarizedOtherShaun White Goldbrooks""
HolbrookMatte Black/Emerald Iridium PolarizedLifestyleAtmos custom
HolbrookPolished Black Ink/Sapphire IridiumLifestyleRio Olympics LE
HolbrookSplatter/Chrome IridiumLifestyleSplatter custom
JawboneAussie Splatter/Fire IridiumSportAussie custom
JawboneBlack Splatter (Vented)/Black IridiumSport
JawboneBMX Chrome/Jade Iridium / +Red / Violet IridiumOther24-218 - 3 pairs earsocks and lenses
JawboneJawbone/+Red Iridium/VR28Sport
JawboneMatte Black (Vented) w/Black Iridium/G30 IridiumSportJuan Pelota 50 pairs only
JawbonePearl (Vented) w/Persimmon/Blue IridiumSportPearl with blue iridium
JawbonePolished Black (Vented) (w/H.I. Yellow)/Black IridOtherLivestrong
JawbonePolished Black (vented)/Black IridiumSportRapha (bequeath to @Beardo0628)
JawboneRetina Burn (Vented) (w/H.I. Yellow)/Black IridiumOtherRetina Burn
JawboneSulphur/Black IridiumSportDeuce Coupe
JawboneTrue Carbon Fiber (Vented)/Ruby VR50 PhotochromatiSportEchelon Limited Edition
JawboneTrue Carbon Fiber/Ruby VR50 PhotochromaticJacketsEchelon Jawbones SOLFX lenses
JawboneWaveblend/BI VentedSportWaveblend #2
Jawbone@TexxxZ 2.0 customSport
Jawbone (Asian Fit)Retina Burn (Vented) w/H.I. Yellow/Black IridiumSportcustom Spanish
JawbreakerGreen Fade/Prizm RoadOtherGreen fade Rio Olympics
JawbreakerMatte Grey Smoke/Prizm RoadOtherTour de France limited edition
JawbreakerPolished White TDF/Prizm RoadOtherTour de France
Juliet24K/Titanium Iridium PolarizedX-Metal24K sample
JulietCarbon/Black IridiumX-MetalDucati
JulietCarbon/Black Iridium PolarizedX-MetalCBP000526
JulietCarbon/VR50 Black IridiumX-MetalFinito 0303
JulietMatte Black/RubyX-MetalStealth
JulietPlasma/Fire IridiumX-MetalP066590
JulietPlasma/Fire IridiumX-MetalP023391
JulietPlasma/Ice IridiumX-MetalJI037068
JulietPlasma/Ice IridiumX-Metal
JulietPlasma/Ice IridiumX-MetalW104848A
JulietPolished/Fire Iridium PolarizedX-Metal
JulietPolished/Slate IridiumX-Metal
JulietPolished/Titanium ClearX-MetalJPPO1480
JulietPolished/violet custom cut oemX-Metal
JulietWhite Cerakote/Dillon Matte BlueX-MetalCJ004129
JulietX-Metal/Black IridiumX-Metal
JulietX-Metal/Ruby IridiumX-Metal
Jupiter SquaredPolished Black/Fire IridiumFrogskinsValentino Rossi VR46 limited edition
London Police PackBlack/White/Black IridiumOther
MadmanDark Carbon/Black Iridium PolarizedX-Metal
MadmanDark Carbon/Ruby Iridium PolarizedX-Metal
MadmanX Raw/Fire Iridium PolarizedX-Metal128/150
Mag FourDark Carbide/Black IridiumLifestyle
Mag SwitchDark Carbide/Black IridiumMagnesium
Mag SwitchPearl/Fire IridiumMagnesium
Mag SwitchTi Copper/Ice IridiumOther
MarsX-Metal/Mariener Matte RedX-Metal
Monster DogBrown Tortoise/BronzeLifestyle
Monster DogWhiskey/BronzeFrogskinsClear frame with emerald aftermarket lenses
Monster DogWhiskey/VR50OtherCleared Frame
MoonBlack/Black IridiumJackets
MoonTortoise/Gold IridiumOther
O ROKR ProPolished Black (Australia)/Black IridiumElectronic
O ROKR ProPolished White (Australia)/Blue IridiumElectronic
OverthetopFMJ+/Black IridiumOther
PennyCopper/VR28 Black IridiumX-Metal
Pit BossDucati Polished Red/VR28 Black Iridium PolarizedOtherducati limited edition
Pit BossPolished Black/Gunmetal/Black Iridium PolarizedOtherTron Legacy Limited Edition
Pit Bull (Asian Fit)Matte White/BIActive
PlateDark Silver/Black IridiumOther
Pro Racing JacketDark Grey/G30 IridiumOtherwith substitute VR28 Lenses
Pro Racing JacketFMJ Dark Chrome/G30 PersimmonOther
Racing Jacket (Gen 1)Bengal w/Black/Black IridiumSportBengal
Racing Jacket (Gen 1)Pale Yellow decay/yellow HIOthercustom SFFrog
Racing Jacket (Gen 2)FMJ 5.56/Black IridiumOther
Racing Jacket (Gen 2)Polished Black/Gold IridiumOther
Racing Jacket, NewCarbon (Vented) w/Violet Iridium/Prizm TrailSportInfinite Hero Custom
Racing Jacket, NewCustom Cobalt X-metal FinishSportCobalt cerakote custom
Racing Jacket, NewMatte Black/Black iridiumOther
Racing Jacket, NewMatte Blue Ice/Black IridiumOtherGP 75 Limited Edition
Racing Jacket, NewPacific Blue/Black Iridium Vented & Clear VentedJacketsFathom
Racing Jacket, NewPolished White (Vented)/VR28 Black IridiumSportCape Epic L.E.
Racing Jacket, NewPolished White w/VR28 Black Iridium Vented/+Red IrOtherTour de France Limited Edition
Racing Jacket, NewWhite / Black Ghost Text/Clear Black Iridium PhotoJackets009171-06 clear photochromic lenses
Radar Bike ArrayBMX Chrome (Path)/Jade Iridium / +Red / Violet IriOtherBMX Chrome Limited Ed 24-217
Radar EV PathDark charcoal flake/Chrome IridiumOtherMash L.E.
Radar EV PathGreen Fade/Prizm RoadOtherGreen Fade Rio Olympics Limited Edition
Radar PathAnti-Freeze/Jade IridiumOtherAnti-freeze
Radar PathAnti-Freeze/Jade IridiumOtherantifreeze with clear lens/emerald
Radar PathMatte Black/Grey ventedSport
Radar PathPolished White/photochromicSport
Radar PathRetina Burn/EmeraldOther
Radar PathRetina Burn/Fire IridiumOtherRetina Burn
Radar PathRetina Burn/Fire IridiumOtherretina burn with photochromic
Radar PathTrue Carbon Fiber/Ruby VR50 PhotochromaticOtherEchelon carbon fibre
Radar Path (Asian Fit)Blue Camo/Slate IridiumOtherIchiro Limited Edition
RadarLock PathPolished Black w/Slate Iridium/Prizm GolfOther
RomeoPolished Black/Black IridiumX-MetalPolished Black
RomeoTitanium/Gold IridiumX-Metal
RomeoX-Metal/Black IridiumX-MetalJordan 009428
Romeo 2.0Carbon/Fire IridiumX-MetalGary Scelzi
Scalpel (Asian Fit)Dark Grey/+Red IridiumOther
ScarPersimmon/Black IridiumOther
Sliver FMatte Black Ink/Fire Iridium PolarizedOther
Split JacketBurnt Orange Snow Camo/ClearSportBurnt Orange Snow Camo
Split JacketCarbon w/Grey/Violet IridiumSportInfinite Hero
Split JacketChrome w/VR50/VR28 Black IridiumSportcustom vacuum chrome
Split JacketPolished White (Vented) w/Persimmon/Fire IridiumOther
Split Jacket (Asian Fit)Polished White (Vented) w/Persimmon/Fire IridiumSport
Split ThumpPolished Black 1Gb/Warm GreyElectronic
Split ThumpPurple and White Camo/GreyElectronicJamiroquai limited 500 pieces only
Square Wire 2.0 30mmDark Carbon/Black IridiumWire(dibs @Oakley Sydney)
Square Wire 2.0 30mmPlatinum/Gold IridiumWire(dibs @Oakley Sydney)
Square Wire 2.0 30mmSilver/Ice IridiumWire(dibs @Oakley Sydney)
Straight JacketFMJ 7.62/Black IridiumOther
Sub Zero#1n Carbon Fiber/Black IridiumZero
Twitch (Square O)Polished Black/Black-Grey GradientFrogskinsRyan Scheckler Limited Edition
ValveDark Grey/GreyJackets
Water JacketJet Black/VR28Jackets
Water JacketNew Blue/VR28Jackets
Why 3 RxTitanium (Lens 1)/ClearRX
Wind JacketDark Grey/Warm GreyOtherDucati limited edition
X-Squared24K/Titanium Iridium PolarizedX-Metal235/750
X-SquaredCarbon/Black IridiumX-Metal
X-SquaredCarbon/Black IridiumX-Metal
X-SquaredCerakote bronze/aftermarket torchX-MetalBronze Cerakote
Zero 0.3pBrush/Black IridiumZero

  1. Airbrake MX Matte White Speed/Clear Goggles
  2. Crowbar Snow Carbon Fiber - Dark Grey/Persimmon Goggles
  3. Elevate Dusk/H.I. Blue Goggles
  4. Elevate Sunset/Fire Iridium Goggles
  5. Elevate Sunset/Fire Iridium Goggles
  6. Flight Deck Bright Orange/Blue Iridium Goggles
  7. Stockholm Jet Black/Persimmon Goggles

40 Year Anniversary Book
Ang Pow Packet
B1B Grips - Blue, Red and Purple
Bob Head (Acrylic)
Eyeshade Trophy
Ferrari Carbon Blade Special Hardcore
Hardcase - Large Array
Keychain - Skull and Crossbones made by @SiRacer420
Kitchen Sink (Storm Trooper)
Polished Rep Case
Polished Torpedo Vaults, X-metal Vault and Small Vault

Polarized Mirror Stand (signed by @Chris A Hardaway!)
Pop Card - Red Shift
Robot #77
Sign - Prizm
Stand - Green Fade Olympic

Vault - X-metal (upside down X sign!)

Collection - 40.jpg

Collection - 42.jpg

Collection - 30.jpg
Collection - 31.jpg
Collection - 32.jpg

Collection - 38.jpg
Collection - 39.jpg

Collection - 1.jpg
Collection - 2.jpg
Collection - 3.jpg
Collection - 4.jpg
Collection - 5.jpg
Collection - 6.jpg
Collection - 7.jpg
Collection - 8.jpg

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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OMGOSH. You are really serious! Epic stuff man! Congrats

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That's beautiful. The whole room looks great.

I gotta admit though. Not sure if you noticed while taking the photos. You have a strange red person in there. ;)

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