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Can I call it a collection now?

How many Oakleys does it take to make a collection?

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I'm warning you right now, X Metals can be more addicting than Meth and we have some of the best dealers on this forum turning out creations that Oakley couldn't even imagine back in the day, lol!!!! When I found this forum several years ago when, like you, I had just bought my second Juliet, I said I would never be one of these Oakley Fanboys with an Oakley display cabinet packed with ungodly amounts of sunglasses. I am now awaiting delivery of another custom Julie, created not by just one member here, but two. This will be number 16, and guess where it will go? Yep, into my very own Oakley display cabinet, lol!!! You have been warned.


Oakley Enthusiast
So its taken some time ... But thanks to the Oakley Forum ... I am up to 4 unique pairs of Juliets, Square wires, Whiskers, a few pairs of Pulse for my wife, and about 6 sets of lenses. When does it end?

Thank you for all your friendship, knowledge, and support. Amazing group of people here!




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