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Carolina collectors


Oakley Expert
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This event is going to be done in 2016 now all the collectors are busy and I don't want to put something together that a full amount of people could attend.

My vision is to get as many collectors together to enjoy a day and build up the north Carolina collectors meet ups, the bigger we get the possibility of bigger things that could happen.

After the holidays I will reattack to make it amazing for the Carolinas

@del518 if you do make it down hope to see you

Dallas O Hog

O.C.D. Oakley Collecting Disorder haha
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These Oakley places are a bunch of punks no one wants to let this event happen and too many rules now, doing it at someone's house is bunk, maybe it will happen later this year.
Oakley wouldn't even send micro bags or cases for door prizes. I have learned to expect nothing unless they benefit directly

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