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They look legit but yes @SiRacer420 is right 99% of the time if the sku is wrong they are fake however I have seen incorrect sku numbers on frogs. Can you do me a favor. Take the stems off and photo inside the hinge on the stem..there should be a number in there on each one. A number 11, 9 , 10 or possibly 12. If there is a number they are legit.. fakes NEVER have those numbers.

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Lol..dont buy Oakley stuff from goodwill
I learned this the hard way buying from goodwill online. Years ago bought an interesting piece of decor as a gift and it turned out to be miniature lol

Tried to return, felt misled, got denied.

Small print agreement says zero returns sold as is no if and butts about it. Never even been to the site since. Stay away.

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