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Hello All


Oakley Beginner
Hello ever. Been a Oakley fan for a few years now. First pair was the Oil Rig II - T-pain edition. Unfortunately those were stolen about 2 months after buying them. Replaced them with the Oil Rig - T-pain and Oil Rig II - T-pain. F*%! Them haters lol. Over the years my girl friends dog chewed the Oil Rigs up and I kept wearing the Oil Rig IIs for the remainder. All this over a span of ~10 years now. Messing around and fell. Glasses fall to the ground and my 10 year old nephew comes running up to make sure I’m ok. He slips and falls and next thing I know they are in about 5 pieces. 😢 go down the the local Oakley Vault and bought a pair of Turbine Rotors and Batwolfs. They had some black matte Oil Rigs but didn’t like them the same as the T-Pains.

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Lopaka KaMars

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East Side Oahu
Aloha and welcome to the Forum. Glad to have you aboard. :welcome:


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