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Great thread! @RonkPM I noticed picture 6 and 9 in the first post are exactly the same, I’m assuming the other picture is lost?
Hellz yeah brother. Got my "capacitor" changed. Thank you for the help! DAMN those screws are tiny! Lost one for the capacitor housing... took my wife and I 15 min to find on the tile floor, thank God it wasn't carpet!
Guys, I can't figure out how to remove the winding stem so I can take out the movement for sand blasting.
It does not look like the one pictured on this thread... anyone done this? (TB1 first gen)

Pictures with crown pushed in and pulled out


I just picked up a first gen TIMEBOMB and the capacitor was expired. Took it to my watch repair guy and he did the job for me for 60.00 cash ! Thought that was a good deal. Have no idea what it would cost me to buy just the capacitor these days ??? Anyone know what these cost ????
Thanks guys.....