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New here. I lost a pair to the lake. Sad day, so I dug out my gen 1 half wires. I ended here looking and finding information on restoring them to usefulness again. Lots of good stuff here so far. The search for earsocks and nose pieces has not defeated me yet..

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I’m not a collector per say, but I have been amazed looking at some of the pics and discussion here.

Hi, new here. I'm Chee Wei from Perth, Australia. Been a Juliet user for more than 10 years and have been impulsively buying oakley x-metals as of late since my first daily pair of Juliet started showing signs of failing.

Since I've been lurking here for some days, i'm hoping to learn more from all the guys here as i go along and hopefully be able to restore my daily juliet to its glory days.


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Sorry but for an real Expert you have to wait.
Just don‘t be shy to ask Questions.


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Hello there.
My first Oakley purchase was a pair of Frogskins in 1987/88 maybe. Clear frames and purple lenses. I now own about 20 pair, but just sold my X-Metal XX Plasma/ICE Ser#303 to another enthusiast. As much as I will never waiver from the Oakley brand, I have become more interested in Oakley Watches.
My 1st Oakley watch was a Judge back in 03 maybe....been a long time. I am now in the market to increase my collection but have heard about fakes out there. Just hoping I can find a GURU who can help me pinpoint the fakes.
Looking forward to learning more about Oakley Watches..... and of course, Sunglasses.
And of course, all of my prescription glasses are Oakley as well!

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