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Is Anyone Offering A Custom Lens Cutting Service In The UK?


Oakley Beginner
The title says it all really. I am looking for someone offering this as a professional service.

I know there some well respected expert Custom Cutters on the Forum in the USA, but I wanted to know if there are any UK based members, before committing to transatlantic shipping and customs hassles.

I am interested in getting some new lenses for my Mars collection, and already have some OEM Oakley Plaintiff and Big Taco lenses ready for cutting.

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You may want to hit your local optometrist and provide them your stuff. Some will do it for $25-$40....


Gotta love a good DOG
I got friendly with my local Vision Express. Because I buy my reading glasses as well as some of my Oakleys through them they will cut lenses for me FOC but I always drop a £10.00 into the charity box they have on the counter.

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FK THAT!!! insane! Buy a dremel and learn it...Cheaper than that with everything including the dremel!

**** that buy lens wrap it up with Doggle and and ship it to someone in California with the skills
If only there was someone like that someone with the knowledge the experience the artistic ability to preform such an operation .

If only someone like this could be found


Oakley Beginner
Axis optical in sheffield will do this, they have just made me some prescription lenses for in my racing jacket frames. Really fantastic job, I will post up some photos shortly.


Oakley Beginner
I may have to try Axis Optical, but I have to say that their website does not inspire confidence.

I tried my local Vision Express, who supply my contact lenses, so they know me. I got to the point where they were going to show the frames and lenses to the Lens Cutting Tech, when the Store Manager chimed in with "Since we are a Oakley Dealer, our contract only allows us to fit lenses to Oakley prescription frames, we are not allowed to modify Oakley products in any other way".

I got the impression that if he had not been there, I would have got my lenses cut. :headbang:

As mentioned, I would happily use the well known Forum members, but being in the UK, I don't fancy my chances of getting my lenses through customs twice with excessive charges.

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