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Hello Frogmasters!
I come into your realm because I finally joined your group by having an artist series model. I got the Lax Frogs from a fellow member and I love it, but having little experience on these type of pieces, I want to be sure how to handle it and learn how to take care of it. So first question:

1. Should I wear them? I not a shelf person, I wear everything I have, but the little Xs seem like they will come off if the come in contact with sweat or something.

2. Can I wash them? Again, if I wear them they eventually get dirty di to wind, sweat, etc. How should I wash them

3. Can anyone give me a little history how this came to be (the whole Kaws collection)? I’ve always been a Kaws fan and I just learned about this collab a few months ago

Extra. Which version do you think is the coolest? RomeovanFrigstein tortoise with 24k looks rad, but the black with yellow xs (the one I got) is awesome

Anyway, thanks for the tips gentlemen, I’m hoping I’ll be able to get all of these in the future

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1. I like to enjoy/use the pairs I buy, some of the more exclusive models I've only worn a handful of times because I'm hesitant on causing excessive wear to them - since I know finding a replacement pair wouldn't be particularly easy or might be costly. Although I'm willing to accept those risks if it means the chance to wear and enjoy them as they were designed to be use. If you consider possible damage to them, creating a financial burden for you personally, then maybe just keep them on the shelf - then again if they aren't insured and something happens to them on the shelf, you'll have owned them but never had the chance to wear them :rolleyes:

2. I have no 1st hand experience with this pair... maybe @SouLFuLFroG or @Romeo Van Frogskinstein might be able to chime in on proper care for this frame specifically.
The closest example to a delicate frame finish I've owned would be the marine fade frogs, which when improperly cared for will cause the paint to come off/fail; which is what happened with my 1st pair because I was stupid, tossing them around causing nicks in the finish, rarely cleaning them promoted paint to flake. The 2nd pair the previous owner was stupid by using some harsh chemical cleaner along with isopropyl alcohol prior to shipping which caused finish to flake off in big chunks soon after I got them.
Have since replaced both and come to terms with using them in moderation is key, followed by fully wiping down the frame after each use with microfiber cloth along with lens cleaner for the lenses - I put the hydrophobic coating on my pair I have setup with ruby ird, granted I don't wear them much but the added coating has made cleaning of the lenses easier overall.

3. OF collab was exclusive to Japanese market only, made it's debut on Sept. 27, 2008 an available at only the Oakley store in Harajuku & Oakley store Lalaport Yokohama. I believe the KAWS collab came about as a result of "artist series " collection Oakley began in 2007. As there mentions of the OF Frogs in some articles talking about the artist series collection but info is pretty sparse on how they came about on setting up the collab. OF created the Lance Armstrong collab pair about 2 years after the Rootbeer n' Crystal Black pairs.

I'd always loved VR50 Gold Ird lenses I had in goggles, it was a great tint for mixed sun/clouds weather so assuming the frog lens of them behaves the same I'd side with those.

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I've had all 3 original fake frogs. Purchased and sold all and didnt loose a penny. Didnt wear them more than a minute or 2 at a time.. Dont wear em if you expect to get back out of them what you put in. Wear them if your keeping them permanently. Ashley's kaws on Ebay is a prototype. Well technically only the lense. Scratch those and your toast.

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