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I need a briefcase type bag for work, so I was looking at a couple from Oakley. I'm mostly interested in the SI Computer Bag, or the Computer Bag 2.0 that's on the Vault website. The local Vault store had them for $60 and I missed the chance to buy one.

My friend has the Vertical Computer Bag 2.0 and I'm not too keen on the vertical design, it's not as easy to see what's in it since it's deeper with a smaller opening.

I'd be carrying a pair of Oakleys in a case, pens/markers, a knife, small other items, a flashlight, and of course a laptop and documents/prints.

Any feedback on these, or other suggestions?

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Ive got a vertical that I keep mine in when traveling, or at least I think that is what it is. I picked up an SI one a couple months ago but havent used it yet. I like the vertical but the storage for the cord, mouse etc can get a little tight. If your gonna carry the extra stuff go with the SI

The SI is one the back left.



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That bottom one isn't the Vertical Computer Bag, I just checked with my friend and his is the 3.0 version with the shell portion where the icon is, but it's definitely a zipper top and not a big flap panel messenger bag.

I'll see if I can't get someone to help me out on the SI bag then. It's a bit busy looking with all the straps and toggles and whatnot, but if it's got a lot more room to haul around a few tools and glasses outside of the laptop and document area then I'm all for it.


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+1 on the SI bag, I love mine...tons of room and great looks! Now I'm looking for a decent priced SI tactical (Dexter) I need another bag :tongue:


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