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Community Service Announcement 18th Jan, 2018

It defeats the purpose of having this list if the below mentioned people are NOT trustworthy (what's the point in Person A able to make a carbon fibre C6 for $1000 if he's not going to send it to you or sends you a plastic half scale model?)

I'm sorry to have to say this, but this is my thread, and I will have no hesitation to remove people's names who I would not trust to do business with. Personal disagreement is not a basis for removal. The issue is deliberate scamming or persistent low quality work that falls well below what community expectations are for the money paid.

I am NOT paid by O.F. nor am I affected by whether you like me or not (although of course, I'd prefer you to like me, but not at the expense of appearing to recommend someone unworthy of our trust). Integrity is a character trait that most of us hold as a value worth pursuing and maintaining.

Therefore, if you have had something happen to you (or someone you know) where a person listed here has absolutely not done the right thing, then please contact me by PM. What you tell me will be confidential. Unfortunately, there are some people who are really just "bad eggs" and I neither wish to promote them or place them anywhere near the same playing field as the rest of these high quality Oakley customisers.

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