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- My/Our Disastrous TN Move ... (A Photo Essay)


All you can do is make it through the bad times and try to be strong. I hope you make it through this mentally.
Thank you for the kind words, @QLR1 @Carrera1963 @kronin323 @GRFMotorsports & @OakleyFrankFMJ ... it is just really proving that when it rains, it damn pours.

On a related side note, I am just doing my best to remain strong for my Mom & @TheresaMLe1975 ... my gf was very, very close with Pop ... so close that she took days she really did not have off from work just to drive up here & to pay last respects & to sing "Ave Maria", in Latin, for my Mom at the services ... It was amazing ... Pop would've been proud of his "Tennessee Red" ... his nickname for Theresa.
Really sorry to hear about your loss. The passing of a family member is never easy. From the sounds of it he was a truly great man, and from what i can tell raised a great man in you. Carry on his legacy and youll see him again i am sure :)