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New collection.


Oakley Beginner
Premium Member
Hey everyone.

Pretty new here but already bitten by the bug.
Been a long time fan of Oakleys since working with them a good 12+ years ago.

Naturally these were to me, my favourites and big shout to the forum to help me relocate some of these hidden gems. Yes they’re the same but I’m sure the collection will grow. Anyways, if anyone wants to throw me some advice as far as what these now retail at I’d really appreciate it.

- OO9090-14 Jetty surf??? Has soft bag no box.
- OO9090-08 Bruce Irons signature, as above.
- OO9090-15 Jupiter, box, papers, bag and pin inc.
- OO9090-10 Julian Wilson signature, box, bag, papers inc.


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