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New Recent Purchases Forum! Update!

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Staff member
So, I realized the Recent Purchases thread was getting kinda long and conversations were beginning to overlap and get mixed, so I figured I would make a whole section for New Oakley purchases. Now you can see the title of the product, check out pics and talk about it all. I broke up the old thread so nothing would be lost and all of the posts now have there own threads titled with the product that was featured.

The Recent Purchases area is just about talking about what you just got, post some pics, announce your most recent buy, or whatever you want. Just come by make a topic with the title of what you bought and talk about it. Nothing is formal, you don't have to write a "review", you don't even need to post pics(though us Oakley addicts do love them :D ), just come by and give a shoutout with what you got and we can talk. The only thing I would reccommend is to name the topic after what you got, that way we can find everything and browse easily.

Hope you guys enjoy and feel free to leave some feedback and thoughts!

Thanks, Oakley Boss

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Jack kelly

Oakley Beginner
Custom big taco 24k iridium polarized. Love vision through this lens though will take getting used to after years of monster dog.

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