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Oakley Encoder Ellipse

The thing his I have two Encoders that I both wore during winter time as well and never had issues with fogging (and as that was on a bike I wore a Helmet all the the time), so that venting isn’t really needed. It’s just a - in my eyes pretty ugly - gimmick.

And even if you d want that… a better design than cutting a super large hole surely was possible…
Exactly. I had an encoder (and Kato too) and used them for cycling. the way that brow is shaped it allows airflow behind the frame really well, I don’t think I ever experienced fogging.

If Lux really wanted to make the frame better they could improve those giant chunky nosepieces (or just give people Radar style nosepieces.
Don’t understand the purpose of that hole in the middle of the sunglass lens but hey…technology.
Indeed that hole in the middle of the lens can be taken away, I bet you can better understand this one 😉

Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 16.12.44.png