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Orlando meet up October 19th


I’m on a boat
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Andros island Bahamas
So as many of you know I am from soflo and frequent Orlando often. I know many of you are also from the Florida area and have talked about meetups before. I’m not sure if any of them worked out but i recently came back to the forums and would really like to meet a couple old members I got to know that are in Florida and maybe hang out for a few with them, drinks, good food etc. If anyone’s interested let me know!! Currently looking at a decent vacation to Florida for a few weeks and plan on heading to the Florida mall or mellenia for a few days. Date to come but it will be in the middle or to the end of October. Looking forward to hearing from you guys and potentially meeting some of you!!

Will be on vacation in Florida from October 16th-24th. I’m thinking that first Saturday or Sunday.
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