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Post Pictures Of Your Knives And Sunglasses


The Big Shield King
I picked up this Cold Steel Espada XL last week. This is the blade that lured me into the world of giant knives.



Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Oakley Beginner
New England
So there is a thread for guns and sunglasses, but I haven't seen one for knives and sunglasses. If there are any knife collectors out there, post up some pictures of your favorites paired with your Oakleys.
First up is a Benchmade Gold Class 950-91 Osborne Rift paired with a C-Six Carbon. The knife has a Grosse Rosen Damasteel blade and hand finished Carbon Fiber handles. Limited 150 production run. It's a beautiful combo. View attachment 10535
Next up is a Benchmade 3300BK Infidel OTF paired with a custom matte black Infinite Hero inspired XS.View attachment 10536
Here we have a Benchmade 8600 Bedlam Auto paired with a custom Mars Crater/Ruby. View attachment 10537
Next is a Benchmade 9100BK Autostryker paired with a Juliet Ichiro custom. View attachment 10538
Finally, we have a Benchmade 930-92 Kulgera paired with a C-Six Aluminum. The knife features a Hakkapella Damasteel blade and handles. Limited 200 production run. This knife is my grail knife and is absolutely stunning! View attachment 10539
This is just a little snapshot of my favorite knives in my collection. Let's see what you guys have.
have to say I love the Osborne Benchmade in the first photo, always wanted that version, nice collection you have