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I know the Spyder owner. His son married my ex wife's best friend. The son owns it now I believe.
What a life she got, traveling to all the trade shows, skiing.
The owner was deathly afraid of black widows, so to over come his fear he had one in his office and hence the name of the brand. Little trivia for you double planker, wanker yankers, and knuckle draggers.
That's not the story I've ever heard. Jacobs called it Spyder because the first pants were referred to as "spider pants" by the racers.

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Just relaying what Jake told me. He is the son in charge now, I believe. Haven't been in contact for 15 years or more. Skied with Jake Jacobs and Bobby Aldighieri a few times at the Jane (Mary Jane, Winter Park). Bobby was on the BUD mogul ski team. Guy was amazing to try and follow through a mogul field dowm Golden Spike.
Destroyed me.
Not sure where your info came from, maybe its a cover story. But mine came from the🤷‍♂️. Maybe papa didn't want the real reason told. Never researched it, just took it as truth, horses mouth and all. Maybe Jake was fukin with me, but seemed truth then.

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