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Texas Oakley Meet Up


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Last year we had a great time meeting up in Houston, and at that time we decided that the next event would take place in San Antonio. We are planning for April so that everyone that attends will be able to partake in San Antonio's Fiesta (a week long party that the city throws every year with many multiple events). Fiesta will take place between April 20-30, 2017. I'm working on a place to have it. I have one potential place that was really nice (actually the wife found it), and need to finalize a date. My suggestion would be for the first weekend which would be April 22, 2017.

If your traveling a ways to be here I would suggest getting a room. I don't mind giving advice on good places to stay. Looking forward to seeing everyone again next year. We are a few months away, but would like to get things moving in the right direction. @Dallas O Hog @gameforce11 @kronin323 @bad fishy @Dieseltech @QLR1 @Joseph Smith @WILL-I-AM @i am rich. Please tag anyone else you can think of.

Here's a few pics of a potential place we found.

The restaurant itself.


Behind these doors is the party room.

This would be the actual room. And we would have access to the outdoor section as well, which I didn't get a picture of.