Oakley Beginner
Today Oakley Philippines hosted the very first Collectors Event in Asia! It was Oakley heaven today at the OAKLEY VIP Event and the Official ribbon cutting ceremony of the newly re-launched Oakley Store at BGC. The event showcased the amazing collections of our dear friends Mel De Castro, Julius Burdeos, Edward Ganto, Von Luiz, Robert Comendador and Jerson Eric Suarez. All six collectors displayed their very best! Everyone was very competitive but at the same time supportive of each other. But in the end the people have spoken through their votes and Mel De Castro emerged as the winner and bagged both awards for Best Collection and Best Display winning the coveted Limited Edition Oakley Trophy from Oakley HQ, a Framed Limited Edition Print and a Jim Jannard signed Oakley Book. Edward Ganto and Julius Burdeos came in at a very close second for Best Collection and Best Display winning Framed Limited Edition Prints. All 6 Collectors showed their best and my opinion are all winners! It was also nice to meet the other enthusiasts there. Congratulations to everyone and hopefully this becomes a regular event!

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