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  • Any parts you have left from your attempt I would like to get them from you, especially the frame pieces you made, just because the dimensions look spot on. I have chose Titanium for the material, which I have already purchased. I have a friend who has offered to build a jig for assembling the frame on his CNC.
    BriP, I am going to attempt to build the wire frame zero. I need the dimensions of the patent drawings. I am unable to pull up the drawings from the patent web site. If interested I would like to collaborate with you.
    Hi BriP,

    Don't want to start a thread on this one but I hope you could help me out since you are one of those very informative members here in the forum. Just wanted to know what year the X Metal models of Oakley came out. I know there are 8 models for X Metal, and I know the Romeo came in first before the Juliet, and the Juliet is in existence for more than a decade and the XSquared is the very recent one, but to what exact year I don't know. Can you help me out. Thanks a lot man.

    Hi BriP.

    I own a X Metal XX and deperately need some new earstem washers. In your thread you mentioned that your friend Dan aka dg_mods produces replacement washers for the X Metal. Is he also a member of this forum? How can I get in touch with him in order to purchase?

    I would greatly appreciate it if you could hook me up with him.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Greetings from L.A. and a happy new year...

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