Oakley Beginner
This past week I picked up a used Oakley brushed stainless, blue dial, GMT watch (at least I think that's the name, though it is decidedly understated compared to the 'Stealth' or 'Blade'...) and I ran across this forum in doing my research.

I was completely smitten by this watch as soon as I saw it -- just a tiny postage stamp image on my phone. Then I started looking into this line of Oakley watches that I'd never even heard of before -- well, it's grabbed hold of me, for sure.

I was told that I can get 'bracelet link pins' from any store selling watches... Is that true? Do I need special pins to secure an additional link into the bracelet or is it using some generic pin/s? How do I know what pins to get? length -- yes, I can measure that, but do I need to know the channel diameter? Any help will be greatly appreciated-- and if you like, just PM/DM me here rather than distract from the 'intro' forum category.


Thanks and I'm looking forward to hanging around a bit.


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