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Aftermarket firestorm: Revant HC3 Elite "Fire Red" and Fuse Fuse+ "Blaze Mirror"

Hi Ventruck,

Thank you for your thoughts, I wonder if you thought you'd be getting messages so long after your post,

Now that you have experienced the lenses for a while, what are your thoughts?

Have the Revant elite stood up well? How is their scratch resistance and coatings handling the years?

Same question for the Fuse lenses.

The Revant HC3 got a few scratches, but my Jawbones were treated as outright beaters. They weren't functionally lacking. I just didn't care for the tint, and in reality I still have OEM sets to blow.

I never bothered with the Fuse lenses shortly after the review. Cons of lackluster cut and tinting consistency outweighed the price value. I'm not with the idea of having to go out of my way keep exchanging sets until I get a proper example that I should have in the first place.
Fuse tends to be hit or miss. Their Polarized options tend to give me headaches, though their standard, low cost ones seem fine. I really like my Revant Elite HJ 1.0 XLJ lenses. Awesome color looking through, and pretty to look at in general. Similar to Sapphire Iridium. I do agree with your statement - for retired frames with little/no options for OEM, Revant Elite is a solid choice. Very nice review!