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Cutting lenses by hand (a guide)


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Now we test fit the lens. It should fit in most of the frame so look at it and see where it doesn't. Take off a little material and fit again.

View attachment 560564

Now we see it fits better but still not all the way. See where you need to take off some material and do it.

View attachment 560565

Notice where its hitting the frame still. Shave off just a little **** hair and it should fit.

View attachment 560566

Close, just a little bit more now. Remember to bevel the edge after you shave off anything.

View attachment 560567

Perfect fit.

View attachment 560568
View attachment 560576

Check your inside, make sure you don't have any parts not in flush. If you have gaps here it's too late. DO NOT REMOVE THE TAPE YET.

View attachment 560569

View attachment 560570

Now is the time for wet sanding the edges to get that nice smooth bevel. You can see here its still pretty rough. I've just started it and only one spot is smooth. I use 2000 grit wet sandpaper and I let my thumb be the guide for the lens. I use a moderate amount of pressure and let the lens cradle in the sandpaper and my thumb to get the entire edge and the line where the edge meets the back and front side of the lens. Imagine a sponge flexing to allow more surface area contact with a plate as you wash it. Same thing. Leaving the tape on prevents scuffing the Iridium coating.

View attachment 560571

Go all the way around the lens and get the whole bevel nice and smooth.

View attachment 560572

Now pull the tape and clean the lenses. Pop them in the frame and you're done.

View attachment 560573View attachment 560574View attachment 560575
You have waaayy more patience than me! 👍

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