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hi all, already an avid oakley fan with juliets i have had for a few years


Oakley Beginner
my message today is to see what people think, having had different oakleys over the years a few years ago i got some juliet gen 1 but always wanted some romeo gen 1, i have just acquired a set of these that i think are too good for me to wear as an everyday set,

they have just been found after an absence of over 20 years and come unworn in immaculate condition, the original lenses were replaced when new with blue ice and have never been worn, they are basically new old stock lenses, unmarked with no blemishes, ( x-metal )

so i have a set of immaculate glasses and a set of x-metal unused lenses, then i looked at the serial number and its a 3 digit code, making it it a very very early set with the code 000331,

so here's my quandary, obviously i will not wear them and keep them well preserved, but i do want a pair of gen 1 romeo`s that i can use, so do i keep these as they will only go up in value and buy another set, or do i sell them and get another set plus change,

my question is how early in the production run was 000331 and what are they worth potentially, also would the original lenses add to the sale value or would i get a better price selling the NOS lenses and then the glasses,

thanks for any advice in advance Gerry

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Welcome. Stick around and find out a lot more. there are some great resources on X metal production here.