Oakley Beginner
Hi everyone, long time lurker finally joined the forum. I'm a search and rescue winchman in the UK and have a few pairs of Oakleys (Juliets, Square Wires, A Wires, E wires, Split jackets & Shocktubes).

I decided to join the forum as I was kinda hoping someone might be able to point me in the direction of a foam gasket for my split wires. I'm using them with clear RX lenses as PPE whilst we transfer infected patients and cant find the gaskets anywhere! If anyone has any bright ideas please let me know. Plenty of really useful info on here to give me an idea of lens/frame combos for future purchases.

I'm getting some RX lenses for my shocktubes soon. I can't believe they weren't designed with gaskets and retaining strap in mind, considering they're an SI product for servicemen and women!


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