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MVP Corridor

Annoyingly (because I’ve now placed an order in US) a day later the U.K. site now has them for sale whereas yesterday it said they were sold out. Never seen that before as previous launches would have a ‘page not found’ come up if you used the link too early. That’s going to make it tricky in the future whether to wait and see if that displays again running he risk it may actually have sold out

Still no email from U.K. though and they’re available if you know how to find the page
Time to switch to M-Experiment!
Time to switch to M-Experiment!
I had hopes things were getting better. That whoever had been in charge at Oakley from like 2020 to 2022 actually did a decent job and did as much as he could. The Muzm thing was started, they brought back some skull apparel, cooler looking shoes, got a couple somewhat unique/good frames in the Plazma, Kato, Re Subzero. -Then in Dec 2022 they posted that ad for a new person to run Oakley, and whoever they hired this year sucks.
Well the description on the Oakley site is a bit off with the frame color being matte blue. It's matte cyan-blue colorshift which is slightly redeeming for this meh release.


Weirdly I just got email too from oakley U.K. about them saying they are limited to 300 pieces

Isn’t it exactly the same MVP that was launched a month or so ago?