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Oakley Flesh x Braindead

Missing my black ostrich. Oakley let me send them in for warranty because of how fast they were ripping, but of course didn't have one to replace it with. They gave me $200 in store credit. They had a size 13 milk back in stock so I used it on those to sell to get another black ostrich. But I'm happy with what I have so far.

Oakley bring back the flesh model in collaboration with LA creative store Braindead. This pair sees plastic modifications to the toebox and heel wrap, a fluffier than normal suede upper and two tone outsole.

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A very anticipated release for any Oakley footwear lover, did they do a good job? I think the plastic adaptations are without said unique, they seems to be added in abrasion zones so possibly added for functional purposes, that being said I’ve never had any problems with the uppers scrapping because of the sturdy raised midsole so maybe they are a fashion detail. For anyone thinking the flesh doesn’t need to change from original form, I’m sure we will be seeing some classic colour ways hit stores in the next few years. Opinions? View attachment 952227
Can’t wait!