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Oakley Forum 5/1/19 Update - New Features and Functionality Thread


Staff member
Some of you may have noticed some downtime this morning – this was scheduled maintenance in relation to our periodic updates and comments made in this thread:
New Oakley Forum Design FAQ / Questions / Comments!

So What’s New?! The below highlights some of the new functionality that has just been released to this site. Obviously some pieces are still being finalized but as always appreciate any feedback, bug reports etc.

1) Push Notifications!

That’s right – We are now supporting native web services push applications. What does that mean? You will see a prompt to enable push notifications, which will send alerts similar to the alerts on this site to your desktop or mobile device.

What’s the catch? iPhone users, this ones not for you…yet! Apple doesn’t yet support this functionality, despite supporting it in Safari on Mac OS and Android supporting this for 3+ years. Once they open the gates, we’ll be ready and waiting.

2) Sidebar

This was hinted in the new features thread, but now the persistent sidebar across all pages is live on desktop. This is really just to accommodate more usable space as resolutions on computers have increased and increased. You’ve likely noticed the huge amount of previously wasted white space on our site – now we can better use that space to provide meaningful content. Let us know your thoughts and what you’d like to see here

3) No more database

This was a hard decision but the right one. We worked on the Oakley database after O-review was down for several months but let’s face it that is their bread and butter and we’d rather focus on being the best forum for this community.

4) Enhanced Responsive / Mobile View

While we retained all of our different themes – we enhanced across the board for a more responsive and mobile friendly UI, which should load faster and be easier to navigate on smaller devices.

MUCH MUCH MORE! There are definitely a slew of other new functionality hidden around designed to enhance the overall UI/UX.

As always want to get your feedback, comments and what you want to see next!!

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Oak street

Oakley Expert
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I’m unable to upload pics, post this update. Being essentially an iPhone user, I had a tough time even posting this screenshot below and subsequently typing out this message. I feel the the new interface is not iOS-centric.

Edit: I’m being bombarded with ad’s as well. :help:


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