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Oakley Beginner

Hoping people could help. It’s my first time actually posting but the forum has been unbelievably useful for me already, I’ve never seen a product with such a great user base!

Looking to save some money on lenses for my half jacket 2.0 frame. Flak XLJ lenses have worked best so far, needs to be available in the UK.

  1. Any ideas where to look?
  2. Does anyone have any other recommendations for flak xlj aftermarket lenses? Doesn’t have to be UK specific.
  3. What are some good donor lenses? Ideally fairly readily available for a reasonable price. Particularly interested in some oversized ones, planning on cutting the top to fit the frame then customising the bottom to fit my face.

Got my first pair of Oakleys (half jacket 2.0 xl) for christmas, pretty much an instant convert! Tried out a bunch of lenses but they were slightly too small with too much of a gap underneath. After looking through the forum I replaced them with some aftermarket flak xlj lenses, size is much better but quality is lacking. I’m looking for recommendations for flak xlj lenses. The catch is I’m based in the uk so availability isn’t quite as good, and I’m also on a bit of a budget. Interested in OEM, aftermarket, and donor lenses.
First, anyone know a good place to get second hand OEM flak xlj lenses in the UK at a reasonable price? They don’t come up on eBay that often.
Second, in terms of aftermarket, right now I’ve got some from a brand called Saucer. I have one set from their premium range for the half jackets and they are surprisingly good quality for the price. I then bought photochromics from their standard range in flak xlj, performance is crap and just realised they aren’t polycarbonate (dealbreaker). I’ve tried Revant lenses but the xlj ones aren’t that much cheaper than oem so I don’t see the point. Fuse and Ikon lenses are very difficult to find here. Does anyone have any other recommendations for decent value flak xlj aftermarket lenses?

Third, I’m a fairly practical person and already got all the gear necessary to cut lenses so am very interested in donor lenses. Given they are semi rimless frames only the top half of the lens needs to be precisely cut so I could customise the lower half to the shape of my face. I’ve read the donor lens quick reference guide in the forum and am still a bit confused, can anyone confirm what lenses would work?

Thanks for your help!!