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Rehab clinic

I have one in my garage with the paper still on it .I wanted to sell it but now you tell me I have to take the paper off to see inside!? Shhheeeeiiit.

You can do it bro! It sux donkey balls but I have some high powered Adhesive and Label remover. Make you have blind babies n stuff. Just keep douchin it and fingernail it. It’ll come off. Then polish it with Novus.

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The detail work you've done and the products you've used seem like they've done a great job in bringing the counter top display cases back to life.
It's also important to remember that addiction is a medical condition and requires professional help to address it. A medical detox is a good first step in treating addiction, and it's important to find a rehab center that offers a comprehensive program that includes detox, therapy, and aftercare. I would recommend you to visit this link for more information about medical detox https://www.fherehab.com/detox/medical-detox/
It's great to see that you have a passion for fixing things and making them better, that can be a good way to channel your energy and to keep yourself busy.


What medication would you recommend for an acute X-Metal addiction?
Which for a Frogskins addiction?