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3 Pairs of X-Metals Lost or Stolen - Please be on the Lookout!

Matt Flacche

Oakley Expert
As of today, my claim with the USPS is denied. I have filed an appeal, but I don't know if any good will come of it.

As I mentioned before, don't take this thread as "shots fired" at Chet. Just to be clear, I will continue to send my Oakleys to him for customizing, tune-ups, and cuts! I just mailed a beautiful pair of Penny to him today, so he could make them look EVEN BETTER.

@Steven Goldberg, if you have any suggestions on how to deal with the USPS, let me know. My local post office won't do anything about it, so I am exclusively dealing with the PO in Chet’s town. My claim/appeal was done all online. You can text me privately if you have any suggestions, or type it here.

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Sorry to hear.

I've had so many issues with USPS, the carrier once signed for my package and never delivered, all caught on camera. Unfortunately, they are federal employees and it seems they have tenure so nothing ever happened to the carrier after numerous complaints and paperwork filed.


Only FedEx and UPS, and always insured.


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Oh no dude! That sucks!!! Stolen packages is a huge problem everywhere lately.

Just a couple suggestions to those that read this thread (if anything let me know and I’ll remove): I highly recommend the ring doorbell for proof that something wasn’t delivered. I also suggest having Packages you ship of high-value held at the local post office for pick up. Either of these solutions would prevent 99% of the problems we have with USPS.
Or just never use them.


If you are not falling, you are not learning.
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Dublin, Ca

USPS tracking says the box was Delivered, and Left with Individual, but we know that's false. No one was home at the time, and the letter carrier signed
Can we not let everyone know where I live please.
I’m coming for you. AND IM BRINGING HELL WITH ME!🤣

I pay money for signature required and the Asses, the carriers, sign and leave on my doorstep. Jesus you lazy Fks take it back to the post office if no one is home to sign.
Getting so frustrated (kind word) with all the delivery systems.
UPS always sends me an extra bill even though my packages I measure 1/2” longer and always and a few ounces over. But every single time UPS and extra 5$ or $$.

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