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Can I call it a collection now?

How many Oakleys does it take to make a collection?

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Just got my second pair of Juliets to relieve some wear on my old pair. These rubys were a good price. With 2 pair and 2 sets of new lenses ... Some variety of rubber ... I think I am well on my way to "collection" status ... Maybe? 15397396664942885210570572902871.jpg 15397397254887350951094960835398.jpg 15397397690492217597008768276530.jpg

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Los Angeles, CA
It's all perception. If your mindset is that you are collecting, then having 1 pair is a "collection", because of your intent to buy more for the purpose of. I was at 30 pairs and had just joined this forum when i realized i was collecting. Prior to that, i just had a lot of sunglasses that i liked.

BTW, what ballistic case is that? I don't think i've ever seen that one.

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