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Good to find this group. Had serious eye infection recently out of nowhere and had fortunately two pairs of Iridium Oakleys, Split Jacket 009099-11 and an unopened new Oakley Chainlink POLARIZED Sunglasses OO9247-10 Grey Smoke W/ Red Iridium Lens in reserve, as I always have a few pairs of brand new/like about. Unbeknownst to me the eye began failing, light sensitivity growing daily until I couldn't see to drive, work or even really walk. Except for going out for fresh air in the shade and got Eye Doc Diag to fix it, the $950 out
of pocket kinda killed my discretionary funds so great thing I had backup Iridium.
The Split Jackets melted the lenses for no obvious or apparent reason. Wondered if there were ways to use a light heat gun or something to get coating to smooth or soak in some solution and squeegy or..... What are the best non OEM Polarized Iridium replacement lenses? Appreciate any help. I just spent a forever looking to replace and found the most beautiful Black SJ at $300 so no go, gonna try to fix the Nuclear Melt Down ones, which I had only worn a dozen times over the years I owned them. Still boggles me.
Turns out the Doc said out of all my sunglasses including several Classic Original RayBans I thought were Eye Savers weren't. Only the Iridium seem to him "Perfect".
Now I am locked in but concerned if this is a common issue of Iridium Oakleys. Eye is getting better very slowly but better. I am running a Spot Light for a Broadway Shows currently with a gold set(hint) but never in doing this 36 years only wore Sunglasses on Outdoor Shows during rehearsals or after a bender. The Chainliks are on every show and even walking onstage during PreCheck. Love Them.
Ironically this Picture I have none on. LOL

Used to be a RayBan snob but started trying a few other brands about 10-11 yrs ago, though had Oakleys well before that.
Thanks in advance for any help you share & I receive.

Nice to meet everyone,
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I found out that removing Lenses from Split Jacket and rubbing Dawn with my thumbs, from center to edges all directions fixed left almost to perfect and right needs one more going at to achieve same I hope.
I hope this helps some others. I also ordered a few new pairs of Polarized Oakleys and RayBan so as to not be caught without again. Eyes are not worse, will get some real rest eventually after Our Local Stagehands are finished with the SuperBowl.
Received Wallevas today and will reply to proper forum to review next chance after trying them in and on.


Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Welcome. Always good to have another member.

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