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is an Oakley whore
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Nixa, Mo
My wife and I purchased a lake lot last week that we plan to build a home on to retire in. It is a long term project for sure but as with any lake lot purchase there is much work to be done before building can even begin. I have joked around in the past about selling it all and in the grand scheme of things I would. It is hard however to sell a collection when you yourself arent exactly sure what all is in it. With that being said I am going to start liquidating some, but not all, of my collection to help with the expenses of getting the lot ready. Keep an eye out as I most likely will start posting stuff in July. If you know of something I have that you think I might part with let me know. Worst I can say is "I'm not quite ready to sell that."

No racing related or X-Metal items for sale at this time.

Congratulations on taking a step to the good life! Hope you and yours find all the tranquility and happiness that nature can give ! In Italian we say “ il dolce far niente “
The sweetness of doing nothing.
I have always said the best boat to be on is the one that somebody else owns. However yes a boat is in the near future.
I'm always that somebody else, haha. I love them though, they're more resilient than people make them out to be. Ours is 22 years old and well used, holds up better than cars do.

Just get a quality brand, will save many dollars in the long run.

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